$445.00 USD

CranioSomatic Foundations 2

CranioSomatic Therapy is a type of cranial massage that addresses chronic strain patterns in the body. 

Here's what you will learn:

  • cranial concepts necessary for participants to understand and treat the 10 sphenobasilar (SB) compensatory patterns.   
  • to identify and treat sutural restrictions among the 14 facial bones that form the jaws, orbits, and nasal cavity. CranioSomatic dysfunctions, including the 10 sphenobasilar (SBS) compensatory patterns, most sutural restrictions, and various joint dysfunctions. Participants will also have a functional understanding of global CranioSomatic relationships, with techniques and skills to apply this knowledge.

Where: Center for Massage & Natural Health

When: Dates: Sept 7&8, 2024

CE Credits: Credits: 16