Thai on the Table in Sidelying

When:  October 5&6, 2024

Where:  Center for Massage & Natural Health

Credits: Approved for 16 hrs (NCBTMB)

Instructor: Kelly Scott, LMT 

Level of Difficulty: Immediate


Thai on the Table in Side-Lying is an approach specific for the side lying for a full body session. The side lying approach on the Table method is one that focuses on full body therapy as Thai on the table has become a popular choice for those seeking relief through the combination of Thai techniques of rocking, compression and stretching. Thai massage in its traditions regard many points and energy lines on the inside leg lines.  Furthermore, the side position  is appropriate for pregnancy and for those who find it difficult to lie on their belly in prone for any length of time.


What you will learn:

  •  Theory, principals of technique
  • Acupressure and fascia movement for feet and legs and to include hips, hands
  • Pregnancy indications/contraindications
  • Nerve pathways on the legs, special focus on the Sacrum and SI joint, working on back lines
  • Fascia and stretching techniques
  • Reciprocal tension in Acute and Chronic conditions
  • principals of Rocking, Impulse and Recoil for treatment
  • ribcage, breathing and neck/shoulder techniques
  • dermatomes on the legs
  • shoulders, compaction, decompaction
  • neck and shoulder integration
  • Integration- Stretching on the table

$395.00 USD

You may cancel up to 14 days prior to the class for a $75 administrative fee.  After this time, registration is non-refundable.